This is just one of the many facets of support from Rob Loomis as he focuses on helping other members of OPA to become successful Shaklee entrepreneurs.



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Mary Gary Rob c.1968: Originally known as "Loomis Associates," Mary and Gary Loomis had the vision that "this business will grow beyond the people who know our names" and will represent other Master Coordinator lines and senior leaders around the globe.

Current Day: Mary and Gary Loomis' vision for OPA (Organic Products Associates) is now carried forward by Presidential Master Rob Loomis, their son. OPA today has 10+ Master Coordinator lines in North America. OPA is the best of entrepreneurs, partnered with Shaklee. Join Rob here for a 12 minute history of OPA.

Do well, by doing good. Begin with the goal of doing good for others and the environment, and you will feel good about yourself and do well financially.
- Mary Loomis

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