This is just one of the many facets of support from Rob Loomis as he focuses on helping other members of OPA to become successful Shaklee entrepreneurs.


Calls Pre-2016

Before you get started...
  • These are recordings of the actual telephone conference calls; they are not studio recordings. This means you may here some background white noise (line noise), dogs barking, and people doing their dishes (if they forget to mute themselves).
  • Each call is trimmed to eliminate the sign-on conversations and major mid-call interruptions (if possible).
  • Calls may be requested on CD on the [contact us] page

11 May 15: Master Coordinators Hannah and Allan Sharapan host Master Coordinator Kathryn Naef (59m)
  • Being a 2nd generation business leader
  • Cleveland: why you want to be there and bring your group
  • Ideas and key important points to build your Shaklee future
  • Consistency: why it is so important
  • "This is what we do"